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And the gap between the development of Chinese forging industry

Date:2011-05-25 16:38:07

The forging industry is an important symbol of the degree of international industrialization
As the basic industry of machinery manufacturing industry, has the important influence of the forging industry manufacturing industry and national defense construction of equipment, and is also an important symbol of the degree of industrialization in an international, China has become the world's forging industry big country, but also can not be called the world forging industry.
China Forging Industry gap with advanced countries
(a) forging class gap
Japan as the world's forging industry's most advanced countries, the die forgings, which accounted for 82.6% of the total, free forging ring parts accounted for 5.5%, accounted for 11.9%, China accounted for 65% of free forging die forgings, accounted for 35%; Japan in die forging cold forging accounted for 5.8%, China accounted for about 1% (not including standard parts); Japan aluminum forging accounted for 1.9%, China accounted for 0.1%.
(two) labor productivity
Japan's overall labor productivity is 175 tons / person. Years, India for 16.5 tons / year. Overall labor productivity of Automobile Forging Company in China is the most representative of 50 tons / person. Years, statistics Zhejiang Wenzhou area is about 18.7 tons.
(three) the energy consumption and environmental protection
Our total energy is the third in the world, the energy consumption is ranked second in the world, accounting for the total world consumption of 10%. The energy utilization rate is only 32%, Japan 57%, and the displacement of the CO2 GDP for $3077.7 per million tons, is Japan's 11.8 times, 1.4 times in India.
(four) die life
The service life of hot forging die in our country generally 4000-6000 parts, mainly affected by the technological design, forging equipment, heating, lubrication and other factors, life in the 1000015000 foreign mold piece, the service life of the die is the main factor affecting the forging cost, is common corporate mission to improve life of die forging.
To narrow the gap with the advanced countries, and strive to become the forging power
(a) to solve large forgings on China's major equipment Institute
More than 140 Taiwan has more than 8MN hydraulic machine in China, where 60MN 125MN press 9, with the 600MW sub critical thermal power unit, 700MN water motor full of big forgings production capacity, 150MN hydraulic machine is put into use, the corresponding equipment and technology level in place will be able to create a 550 - 600 tons of steel ingot, the production of 300 tons of class high quality forgings, gradually meet the current all rely on imports of 1000MW 700MW hydropower, nuclear power and big forgings of supercritical thermal power unit.
Should attach great importance to this year, due to market demand, many local blind 20MN 60MN free forging hydraulic press, have begun to appear supply exceeds demand, the malignant competition tendency, free forging production of high energy consumption, heavy environmental pollution, no longer blindly launched.
(two) increase efforts to transform the production of forging, forming the main force to build the forging power
Die forgings production enterprises in China, part of the backbone enterprises adopt the hot die forging press, and the corresponding with the manipulator and multi station hot forming press, most companies still use manual operation preparation Peide production process to air hammer with double disc friction presses, the accuracy of forgings, die life, forging quality stability are affected. Thus forging is also facing a domestic due to the development of automobile industry, the global sourcing good development opportunity international, thus forging enterprises should increase the technical transformation of enterprises, vigorously with clutch type screw press and hot die forging press blow energy controllable, and with cross wedge rolling, roll forging process, the workpiece transfer gradually to the manual operation to the automatic operation transition. From the new material (non quenched and tempered steel) application, shearing, heating, die preheating, lubrication, forging process control, forging heat treatment and cleaning, continually transformation. The forging industry in our country has considerable scale of production capacity, enhance the overall competitive ability.

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