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Our leadership and mayor Chen Yunxian, Foshan Equipment Association held a forum

Date:2011-05-25 15:53:18

In September 11th, our leadership in Foshan Equipment Association, during which members actively speak, put forward proposals for the development of Foshan machinery, think that only technology transformation, can make the enterprise develop farther. Division I since April this year that the fifth session of the Expo to Shunde after college, actively preparing for war, will participate in the "Fifth Session of the China International Patent and the first brand exhibition cum Chinese in September 19th (Shunde) International Industrial Design Expo" creative.

We Foshan comprehensive level of equipment manufacturing industry, I only hit 50 points, also do not pass." Held yesterday in the city of machinery and equipment industry forum, ceramic machine manufacturers -- Guangdong Science XinDa science and technology limited company president Huang Guoquan, not without concern given to their industry evaluation.
Change of the macroeconomic situation, to all walks of life are under pressure to Foshan admit of no exception whatsoever, machinery and equipment industry. Pragmatic Foshan machinery industry entrepreneurs in the analysis of the influence of the external environment at the same time, short board spent more time reflecting on the industry's own "". Independent innovation to do high-end products, has become the strategic choice of enterprises simultaneously, and then on the way there are many bottlenecks are in urgent need of innovation of government and enterprises together to break through

Dilemma [industry]

There are few machinery enterprises in the first half growth
Guangdong Keda Electrical Limited by Share Ltd is one of the largest Chinese ceramic machinery manufacturers. The company's general manager of Department of career of Zhou Peng said, business is facing heavy pressure: three, raw material prices, the increase in production costs due to exchange rate fluctuations, affecting the competitiveness of products; international market; terminal price reduced, diluted the profits of enterprises.

Shunde District of Leshan Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. chairman Guo Xinan is also the vice president of Shunde District Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry chamber of Commerce, he knows Shunde machinery equipment management status of enterprise is: there is a part of enterprise survival difficult, one part can still barely alive, but also growth enterprises less heard this year. Smaller enterprises worse, can't resist so much risk.

When it comes to affect the enterprise survival of the macro economic situation, Guo Xinan seemed quite calm. He said, this is the world of structural problems, it is not a simple one can solve the problem, so it is normal to treat. But for the industry's internal problems, he said a lot of. He mentioned in particular, China machinery products are very popular in Southeast Asia, but the concept of Chinese Southeast Asian vendors product is "two products, only three price", the fundamental reason for this is that "make things with your machine, did not reach his idea of the effect"


Independent innovation to do high-end products

Guangdong Hongxing Machinery Co. Ltd. this year also hit the market decline, steel prices and other unfavorable factors. The company chairman Li Shaopei said, only way is to make technical innovation and product R & D. Zhou Peng also said that the increase of independent innovation products, is one of the important self-help measures Keda electrical.

Guo Xinan further pointed out that live good enterprise must have its own reason, definitely behind the brand effect, technology. As the bottle blowing machine manufacturer, Leshan company through independent innovation, improve product standards, in the standard discourse right to seize the initiative in the market. Has now begun to taste the sweetness, Wahaha, robust, in Erie and other enterprises procurement bidding, Leshan company a bottle blowing machine because the standard is higher, can save material 20% win. "We're about six times more expensive than other brands of machines, but buy our machines, a year can save material 700000 yuan."

Guo Xinan is currently planning combined with several Shunde enterprises together, the enterprise standard as the basis, the development of industry standards.

[innovation bottleneck]

Machine tools behind the hard competition with foreign enterprises
uang Guoquan thinks that the main cause of the comprehensive level of Foshan machinery and equipment industry is the low precision machinery can not go up, "it is like the human head, small but very important. No precision machinery as a working mother (machinery and equipment production equipment), manufacturing out of the mechanical products can only be a commodity, commodity is the inevitable result of price competition".

Therefore, Huang Guoquan suggested that Foshan city should explicitly proposed that build the Pearl River Delta machinery and equipment base, in the current development of ceramic machinery, woodworking machinery, forging machinery and other light industrial machinery existing at the same time, the development of precision machinery key. The government can give full play to the public platform for innovation of Southern China Precision Manufacturing Institute of the role, to achieve this goal.

Guo Xinan also spoke about the importance of high precision machine tools for machinery and equipment industry development, "we buy a CNC lathe, probably more than ordinary machine twice as expensive, but the efficiency is three to eight times less, staff of several people".

"As a result of machine tools is relatively backward, equipment manufacturing enterprises difficult to competition with foreign enterprises." Guo Xinan said, the enterprise only to purchase advanced equipment to improve the level of independent innovation, hope the government can to business investment in equipment to give certain preferential policies.
The general manager of Shunde District Zhende Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiang Zhijian also pointed out that the company is currently looking to import advanced equipment from abroad, but this year the state promulgated a new policy, tariff making enterprises to import foreign advanced equipment must pay 10%, hope that the local government can reflect the enterprise voice to the relevant departments of the state.

Entrepreneurs are particularly mentioned shortcomings of Foshan machinery technical talent, I hope the government can draw lessons from the experience of Germany, through school enterprise cooperation, increase the mechanical basic talents training.

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