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  • Product name: JH21G-110 fast press with high performance
  • Product number: JH21G-110
  • Update: 2013-08-25
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JH21G features:
Welding fuselage - reinforcing steel, machine rigidity, damping and strong.
- the high number of strokes, remarkably improve the production efficiency, suitable for continuous stamping.
- six side rectangular guide rail, equipped with imported balance air bag, high motion precision.
Adopt the dry clutch, low noise, long life.
- electric adjustment for mold height, with a significant number of device, the accuracy of 0.1mm, adjust the intuitive and fast.
- imported hydraulic overload protection device, ensure the machine and mold safety.
- using forced circulation lubrication system, ensure the normal operation of the machine.
Adopt PLC and digital display screen control system, variable frequency speed control, high degree of automation, simple operation, fault information can be displayed.
- widely used in punching, blanking, bending, stretching, forming and stamping process.
- automatic feeding device is composed of a single line matching.