What are the inspections that should be carried out before using the press?

The working mechanism of the press is driven by a motor through a transmission mechanism to apply process force to the workpiece. The transmission mechanism is a reduction mechanism of belt transmission and gear transmission; the working mechanism is divided into a screw mechanism, a crank connecting rod mechanism and a hydraulic cylinder. For the safety of the press and the personal safety of the staff, it needs to be inspected before work, so what issues need to be inspected? Let me explain it for everyone.


1. Before work, remove the workpieces or tools that are not related to the work from the workbench of the press, and place the necessary tools and blanks in appropriate positions.

2. Check whether the die installation is normal and reliable, and whether there are cracks, dents and scars on the knife edge.

3. Check the lubrication of each transmission part of the press and add enough lubricating oil.

4. Check if the protective cover is reliable and well installed.

5. Start the press for several single strokes first, and check whether the operation mechanism and clutch are flexible and reliable.

6. Only after the flywheel reaches the speed when the press is turned on can the clutch be switched on for stamping work.

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