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JH25-160 series high performance two point press

JH25-160 series high performance two point press
Features description
● High rigidity steel plate welded framework with less deformation and good stability.
●Extremely wide working table and slide block base are applicable for large scale plate punching.
●Double crankshaft reverse rotation and no cornering force of slide block will reduce wear of guide rail and improve the stability of precision.
●Rectangular hexagon long guide rail is provided with air pressure type balance device, with high move ment precision.
●lt adopts dry type clutch or wet type clutch with low noise and long service life.
●Electrically adjusted die height,digital display with precision at 0.1mm and visual and fast adjustment.
●lt adopts imported hydraulic overload protection device to ensure safety of lathe and mould.
●Step type automatic lubricating system ensures normal lubrication of the lathe.
●lt adopts PLC and digital screen control system,Frequency control,which high automation degree,simple operation and fault information display.
●Widely used in punching, blank, bend, shallow-drawing, molding and other sheet metal forming technologies.
●Optional manipulator and various peripheral equipment of automation, which realize operation of automatic production line
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Guangdong Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Guangdong Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd.

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