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JH31 series closed single type single point press

JH31 series closed single type single point press
Features description
●Closed and plate welded type at the whole design, littler
transformation and good stability of the whole machine.
● Design of rectangle bevel combining six-side long guide rail, reasonable structure, ease of adjustment, as well as high accuracy of guiding.
●Application of embedded air pressure balancing device, with stable movement.
●Application dry type or wet type clutch, with little noise and long service life.
● Electrical adjustment of die-filling height, equipped with digital display equipment, with an accuracy of 0.1mm and visual and convenient adjustment.
●Imported hydraulic overload protection equipment ensures safety of machine tool and mold.
●Application with PLC digital display control system, Frequency control,with high degree of automation, ease of operation and display of failure information; application of safety replay, which controls key safety components such as two hands, photoelectricity and shutter stop.
● Application of combination of mechanic and electronic cam box, which conducts redundancy protection on top dead center, over travel point.
●Control system with high degree of automation, ease of operation and display of failure information.
●Widely used in punching, blank, bend, shallow-drawing, molding and other sheet metal forming technologies.
●Optional manipulator and various peripheral equipment of automation, which realize operation of automatic production line.
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Guangdong Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd

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Guangdong Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd

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