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YH28-1100 series gantry intelligent nc convertible drawing machine

YH28-1100 series gantry intelligent nc convertible drawing machine
Features description
●Overall gantry type steel plate welding design, with a small floor area, small transformation and good stability.
●Application of imported famous brand hydraulic component, which realizes reliable operation and a long service life.
● Equipment with NC control and mechanic dual pressure protection and application of dual oil-way interlock, which ensures safety of machine and mold.
● Application of 32 bit high-speed PLC and touch screen control system, with simple operation and display of failure information.
●Wide operating platform and multiple oil cylinders layout ensure precision and inclined loading proof capability of sliding block.
●Capable of convertible drawing function, dual-motor operation, rapid no-load,option of multiple drawing speeds, time saving and efficiency enhancement.
●Applicable for convertible drawing and molding of thin plate, which is widely used in hardware, electrical equipment, electronic element, stainless steel ware, water tank, automobile sheet metal molding and other process technologies.
product description

Guangdong·Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd

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Guangdong·Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd

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